Research Solution

The Aim Of Marketing is To Know And Understand The Customer So Well The Productor Service Fits Him And Sells Itself.


What we are part of

It is important for us to be acknowledged by the market as the good choice for marketing research partner Indonesia. Thus, since 2007 we joined ESOMAR and PERPI

We got international recognition by being accepted as a member of ESOMAR on May 14, 2007. Pixel Research is a member of ESOMAR that enabling better research into markets, consumers, and societies worldwide. Please see our profile in ESOMAR on As a member, we are committed to the highest professional and ethical standards embodied in the ICC/ESOMAR Code on Market and Social Practice.

In local perspective, we are active as a member of PERPI (Perhimpunan Riset Pemasaran Indonesia), a marketing research society of Indonesia. Kelik have been chosen as the Head of Human Capital in PERPI’s committee in 2012 – 2016, and in 2018 he also appointed as the organization’s General Secretary for committee of 2018 - 2020

Vision, Mission And Corporate Culture

Our Vision is to become top ten admired marketing research service company in Indonesia and Asia.

While to achieve that, we put our strategic Missionas follow as follow

  • Implementing the international standard of market research operation
  • Escalating client satisfaction and loyalty
  • Boosting employee motivation and productivity
  • Giving positive contribution to employee and shareholder

We set our company culture as MOVE.

MOVE is an attitude that we believe can help delivering company’s Mission.

MOVE stands for

  • M Mutate and Innovate
  • O Outspoken and Honest
  • V Value Others (Respect Others and Respect Differences)
  • E Enjoying the work (work with passion professionally)

Credibility, Reliability and Thinkability

In the rapid growth of customer data and the emergence of technologies there are many ways of gathering customer insight. We have developed a system, we called MoveAps, that enabling data collection method for the online world.
Despites of those challenges, we are still enabling traditional direct interaction (face-to-face or voice) research methodology, as many still believe it is the correct way assessing customer’s mind.

These might answer your question on why you should choose us for your marketing research project

Code of Ethic

Pixel Research drives the highest business and ethicalstandards that bounded to the code of ethics issued by ESOMAR and PERPI.


15 years of experience in marketing research industry in Indonesia and South East Asia market.


We can help targeting your customer in Indonesia and SEA countries with our extended network.


State-of-the-art self-developed application for your research project.


We developed our own research solution for your marketing research problem.


Our experienced team can help you on both Quantitative or Qualitative approach.


In-house research team will assure that your confidential research topics are saved.


We will prepare real-time dashboard as the sneak-peek to your research progress and immediate output.


Visit our 30+ CATI station run in MoveAps system, and see the difference. We also support CAPI and other paperless method.


Our costing istailored to suit your budget with the highest possible research standard.

Data Collection Method

  • Offers field data collection services with effective survey methodologies.
  • Our team interviewers and supervisors can serve B2B and B2C studies.
  • Our data collection techniques include both quantitative and qualitative methods.
  • Time and cost efficient
  • Increase productivity
  • Can implement process automation
  • Better quality of data. Quality control occurs at every stage because it is possible to skip logic and ensure that questions are always answered to continue the next question.
  • Monitoring can be done effectively and efficiently by the client
  • CATI
  • Conduct various CATI studies with dedicated CATI team.
  • Better quality of data. There are no missing data or out-of-range responses, and responses can be automatically cross-checked for consistency.
  • Faster results.
  • Increase productivity.
  • New Opportunities. You can execute more elaborate questionnaire designs and sampling procedures than can be done on paper.
  • Near time Data
  • Better quality of data. Quality control occurs at every stage because it is possible to skip logic and ensure that questions are always answered to continue the next question.
  • Effective quality control and monitoring is quaranteed through by pictures respondents, photo evidence, geo tag, audio recoriding, others