Research Solutions

Because each of sinergic decision need specific data and information, we develop solution that relevant to your objectives by understanding the problem, designing the instrument, and applying the right analysis approach


This tool provides valuable insight for evaluation your brand's positioning

Brand PowerTM

Tools for chacking the health of your brand

Consumer FactTM

Tools to better understand consumer behavior

Aspire SystemTM

Tools for evaluate the employee satisfaction and loyalty toward the company

Costumer SatmetrixTM

Costumer's satisfaction and loyalty might lead to your profitability. This tools help you measure it


Tools for evaluating the effectiveness of your
ATL and BTL campaign


Tools for evaluating the segmentation of your costumer


Tools for marketing mix related study


Tools for measuring the quality of service operation related study

Business Landscape

Download this awesome diagram. Capture your audience's attention


  • The strength of a brand is explained in how precisely it manages to occupy people's perception through condensing its peak performances and conveying them in the market, so that not the product but the brand triggers the purchase decision.
  • Our Brand PowerTM Solutions will help you measuring the strength of your brand in the consumer’s mind.
  • Consult our research team for further explanation on how we measure it.
  • How happy is your customer with their transaction or products or services that your company delivered? Will their happiness (or unhappiness) generate more (or less) business to your company?
  • Our Customer SatmetrixTM Solutions will help you analyzing the degree of your customer’s satisfaction and their loyalty toward you products, services, or interaction with your company.
  • Find out more on our unique approach in measuring it. Please consult our research team.
  • 4Ps is the essential strategy tool to develop your products or services then deliver it best to your customer. Later, this tools expanded into 7Ps or other, and people understand it as marketing mix strategy.
  • Our OptimizerTM solutions help you choose the right path within each strategy (Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process, Physical Evidence).
  • We are pleased to inform you in detail on how we do it. Please consult our research team for further explanation.